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A standalone C API for XML-RPC

About xmlrpc-epi

About xmlrpc-epi-php

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xmlrpc-epi-php is a PHP C extension that utilizes xmlrpc-epi to provide a high performance, easy to use, php native interface to xmlrpc. There is no complex type API to use. Instead, manipulate your values as you normally would, then call a single encode routine to translate that data into xml.


Key benefits of using this extension as compared to other php xmlrpc solutions are:
  1. speed. Because it is in C, it is faster than implementations written in php. Various iterations of this code have been/are running at and are sufficiently fast for the high traffic volume this site encounters, with several xmlrpc type requests generated for each user http request. No specific speed claims are made. Your mileage may vary.
  2. ease of use. All data is sent/received as native php types, so there is no complicated new API to learn when dealing with data types. Sample php scripts are in ./sample. The best/quickest way to learn how to use the library is just to view the source to these and load them in your browser
  3. escaping and encoding support. four different types of xml character escaping are available, which means you can safely send any sort of data, even non-printable and "illegal" xml characters. all encodings supported by your operating system are useable for both sending and receiving data.
  4. compatibility. This library has been demonstrated fully compliant with the XMLRPC spec, having passed the test suite at It is the author's hope that this code will be found useful by someone, and would like to hear about how and where it is being used, or suggestions for improvement.