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A standalone C API for XML-RPC

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Online XML-RPC Servers That Do Something Useful (Open Services)

SiteNotesOrganizationAuthor / Contact
[server | introspect ]
a discussion management tool. "The talk of the net." Macrobyte Resources   
DingsBox Upload multiple images to a photo server    
[server | introspect ]
Manage your own website through a browser or xml-rpc interface Userland, Inc.   
Mail to the Future
[server | introspect ]
Send email to yourself or others at a future specified time Userland, Inc.   
[server | introspect ]
An 'open wire' news aggregation service O'Reilly & Associates  Rael Dornfest 
QuickTopic quick, personal group conversations with no logging in required Internicity, Inc   
[server | introspect ]
A web based spell checker StuffedDog  David Adams 
Userland Search Engine
[server | introspect ]
Add your site(s) to the userland search engine Userland, Inc.   

Online XML-RPC Tools & Utilities

SiteNotesOrganizationAuthor / Contact
Another Debugger browser based client for calling any method with any params on any server Userland, Inc.   
Debugger browser based client for calling any method with any params on any server OSE   
Interop Client browser based client for running implementation interop test methods against various servers xmlrpc-epi  Dan Libby 
KDE XML-RPC Gateway Daemon (kxmlrpcd) If you use KDE, you may already be running an xmlrpc server right on your own machine! This daemon allows one to easily script KDE applications remotely. KDE - The K Desktop Environment   
Validator browser based client for running spec compliance test methods against a server Userland, Inc.   

If you have a correction or know of another xml-rpc service, please let us know.