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A standalone C API for XML-RPC

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About xmlrpc-epi-php

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A Vague Timeline reconstructed from CVS and Author's Fuzzy Memory

  • 2008 - Robin Cornelius joined the maintainer team to keep the project alive. Mainly as it is a dependency of Secondlife. Packaging was update and some 64 bit issues were fixed.
  • ????
  • March, 2000 -- Open source request finally approved. Posted on Sourceforge.
  • November, 2000 -- Code working for a couple of months and well tested. Requested to open-source it.
  • August, 2000 -- began ground-up implementation of xmlrpc. Used high level API/concepts from proprietary version, Added concept of standalone xml dom parser from expat-ensor. Maintained compatibility with proprietary vocabulary (dubbed danda-RPC, then simplerpc).
  • July, 2000 -- became familiar with xmlrpc,, etc. Began to play with expat-ensor.
  • June, 2000 -- implemented utilities for self-describing methods (introspection).
  • October, 1999 -- completed first (nameless) version of code, used as glue between PHP and proprietary application server. Protocol consisted of Response/Decode mechanism only. Queries were performed by external mechanism. XML Parsing was done (in a php C extension) by expat.