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A standalone C API for XML-RPC

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About xmlrpc-epi-php

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Features and Architecture

  • comprehensive API for manipulation of values
  • The XML parsing (xml_element.c) is completely independent of the XMLRPC api. In fact, it can be used as a standalone dom implementation.
  • Because of this, the same XMLRPC data can be serialized into multiple xml vocabularies. It is simply a matter of writing a transport. So far, two transports have been defined. The default xmlrpc vocab (xml_to_xmlrpc.c), and simple-rpc (xml_to_dandarpc.c) which is proprietary, but imho more readable, and nice for proprietary legacy reasons.
  • Various output options, including: xml escaping via CDATA or entity, case folding, vocab version, and character encoding.
  • support for converting UTF-8 (from xml parser) to local character encoding.
  • One to One mapping between C structures and actual values, without developer having to know arcana of xmlrpc protocol.
  • support for mixed indexed/keyed vector types, making it more compatible with languages such as PHP.
  • quite speedy compared to implementations written in interpreted languages. Also, uses intelligent string handling, so not many strlen() calls, etc.